Pastors Louis and Tina Kayatin
Pastor Tina Kayatin is an anointed vessel of God whose heart and
passion for the Body of Christ overflows from the moment you meet her.  
She has touched the lives of thousands of women with her rich deposit of
the Word and teaches with razor-sharp, biblical accuracy on how to
become a humble servant of the Lord, a knowledgeable student of the
Word of God and a threat to Satan himself. Her love and understanding,
coupled with her heart of compassion, allows her to minister to women
from all walks of life. Her precise teaching will guide you on a path with
strategic instructions, utilizing the stumbling blocks the enemy places in
your path to become stepping-stones to victory! Pastor Tina also devotes
her service to overseeing the Joshua Kids Ministry. Started 15 years ago,
it has now served countless children in the community.

Pastor Louis Kayatin is an experienced minister of the Gospel.  
He has pastored for over thirty years in Lorain, Ohio. Under his
leadership, Church on the North Coast has grown in scope and
vision. His heartfelt cry is to "establish an undeniable testimony
of the Lord Jesus Christ through the earth". His preaching style
is both prophetic and pastoral which results in unique change
among God's people. Pastor Kayatin often speaks for major
ministries in America and around the World. He is an author and
has created multiple tape series.  His heart is reflected in his
preaching as he calls the church to a higher standard and
greater impact in its generation.
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